TUT women’s team Captain expressed that TUT is ready to reclaim the glory

The TUT women’s team Captain Tshepang Thafeng expressed herself with confidence that TUT is ready to lock horns with its counterparts. Captain Tshepang expressed that even though  COVID -19 brought so many challenges, she is certain that no one will block TUT from reclaiming the ticket to represent South Africa at the Zone 6 Club Championships. 

Tshepang alluded that “The team is ready considering the challenges brought on by covid restrictions, and how it affected our effectiveness in training or practice”. She further proclaims that no matter the COVID 19 or any other challenge TUT is READY to defend the tittle and represent the country at the zonal club championships. “With the hard work and dedication from players I believe we will take it home”, Tshepang added. TUT approaches this prestigious Interprovincial Club Championships as the favourites based on the below-mentioned accolades:

1. Zone 6 Silver Medalist (2019) 

2. Tubby Reddy  Cup Champions (2019)

3. USSA Champions (2019) 

Let us see if the captain’s utterances will unfold or we shall be surprised by the underdog teams like TUKS and UKZN to list some but a few.


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