South Africa is the home of the 2023 BRICS Games, which started on 18 October 2023, and will end on 21 October 2023. The 4th Edition of the BRICS Games attracted four countries: South Africa, China, Russia, and India which are locking horns in different sporting codes such as Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis,Swimming, and Tennis.

The BRICS Games take place immediately after the gathering of BRICS nations where they deliberate in several economic and political activities to forge partnerships and to find ways to resolve challenges faced by each of the BRICS nations.

When it comes to Volleyball, we witnessed the nations this time around agreeing to move from Indoor Volleyball to Beach Volleyball. Although the SA teams were unable to pick up a single point on the first day of the Beach Volleyball event, we witnessed the partnership of Tariq Ally and Deloshen Valaitham on the men’s side displaying brilliant beach volleyball actions on the 2nd day of the event when they played up against India. Even though they lost the match by 2-0 the duo had strong showings during the highly contested match. However, it was tough in the other match for Deloshen and Tariq to defeat their teammates by the name of Thabang Moekane and Kemoile Otsweleng in the two clashes that they faced another. The pair Otsweleng and Moekane dominated all the matches played against the squad of Tariq and Valaitham by 2-0 and this made them stand a great chance of securing the semi-final spot of the 2023 BRICS Games.

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, we saw Team SA striving extremely hard to compete at this year’s Edition of the BRICS Beach Volleyball Games. However, in the derby match, the two teams managed to win against one another, However, RSA 1 advanced to the semi-finals based on the points system.

Overall, both RSA teams men and women will play in the semi-final of the 2023 BRICS Games, and they are going to face their counterparts from Russia (men) and China (women) who are unstoppable at this prestigious tourney.

Match results The girls’ results are as follows; RSA2 2-1 RSA1, RSA2 0-2 RSA1, RSA2 0-2 India,
China 2-0 RSA2, and RSA1 0-2 Russia While the boys’ results are as follows; RSA2
0-2 RSA1, RSA2 0-2 RSA1, RSA2 0-2 India, China 2-0 RSA2, and RSA1 0-2 Russia

Semi-Final Fixtures

RSA 1 vs Russia
China vs India

RSA 2 vs Russia
China vs India

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