Team and Player Registrations

Team and Player Registrations

We are please to announce teams and players can now register for the upcoming National Volleyball League (NVL) and National Beach Volleyball League (NBVL) through the VSA website.

Team managers should contact VSA in order to receive a password and instructions to access the system. This will enable them to add teams and players.

Email us: or alternatively, reply using the comment section below.

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  1. Tshepo

    I can’t wait for the commencement of the games, it’ll be epic. thank you for the opportunity, i believe players around the country are more than ready to show off their talent and skill. wish all the teams the very best of luck

  2. Andrew Ramsden

    Good morning,

    I am the Captain of a bunch of passionate beach volleyball players, we all love the sport and have played so often that we have accumulated great talent. We are a group of friends who meet up regularly to get a game together and have a laugh and play some beach volleyball. We attend St Andrews College, Grahamstown and although we play often their is a lack of competition around us and we would like to compete at competitions and hopefully have an opportunity to take beach volleyball more seriously! I would like to register my team for the NBVL as we would bring young enthusiastic energy and endless potential to the sport!

    Thank you,
    Andrew Ramsden

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