Arising out of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Volleyball South Africa (VSA) and Legends Social Volleyball (LSV): 10 April 2019 in Avoca, Durban.

Volleyball South Africa (VSA) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Legends Social Volleyball (LSV) which gives  recognition to the latter as a key role player in promoting socially related volleyball activities in Kwa Zulu Natal.

LSV which was established in 2018 has a mission to ‘maximise participation in volleyball across KZN’. Testimony of their commitment to increasing participation in volleyball in the social space is illustrated by a series of well attended tournaments they held at various venues in KZN.

Following LSV’s dynamic power point presentation to the VSA executive on 3 March 2019 in which it detailed its programme of activities in the social space, the National Federation decided to deploy Attorney Siven Samuel, the Head of its Legal Commission and Secretary- General Donovan Nair to engage with the LSV officials with a view to establishing a Masters Volleyball Association in KZN.

Arising out of the Memorandum of Understanding VSA has directed KZN Volleyball and LSV to jointly finalise the formation of a KZN Masters Volleyball Association, which will be an associate member of KZN Volleyball.

Conditions related to participation in LSV events in KZN:

  1. Players registered to Volleyball South Africa (VSA) structures viz. provincial affiliates and associate members are eligible to play in LSV organised events.
  2. To participate in the Masters’ section  male players must be over the age of forty (40) years and  female players must be over the age of thirty (30).


VSA Secretary-General

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